Massage for Chronic Pain

Massage for Chronic Pain

Reasons Why Those With Chronic Pain Can Benefit From Massage

I believe an insurance company should pay for everyone who has chronic pain to get a series of three massages before any pain medication prescription is ever written. If this was the rule, I think there would be fewer cases of chronic pain.

Research studies have shown that massage clearly decreases pain. People that have chronic pain may have that pain for all types of reasons. Often it is pain from muscles and joints, which responds well to massage. Massage also has these positive physiological benefits:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves posture
  • Increases circulation
  • Improves immune system functions
  • Increases lymphatic drainage
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Relieves depression and anxiety

The Human Element Says a Lot

There’s an important element of human touch in every massage that could be one of the most healing forces in massage. When you have chronic pain, you want to reach out to someone for help. When you get a massage, you feel like someone cares for you. And if you’re not in a loving relationship, the hands-on approach can really transmit that love to you.

Think Outside the Box for Massages for Chronic Pain

What type of massage for chronic pain should you get? The answer is that it depends on where your chronic pain is. Is it in some of your joints? If so, then your massage therapist should focus on those joints as well as your back. Massaging the back helps the entire body because of the relationship of the spine to all your muscles, tendons, organs and tissues.


When you have chronic pain, it’s a good idea to think outside the box and get an unusual type of massage. Because of the newness of the massage, the thought of getting it and then having it can take you out of your mindframe of pain for awhile and transport you somewhere better. Plus it will give you something to talk about later, again allowing you a reprieve of pain.

This is how the human mind works – if you are preoccupied with something and something else comes along that captures your attention, you will forget about the first thing and immerse yourself in the second. It’s something you can’t control.

4 Unusual Massages for Chronic Pain

Here’s a list of five unusual types of massages you might choose if you have chronic pain.

  1. Barefoot Massage
    This is the most unusual massage because it’s only something done in Korea and Japan and only recently made its way to the United States. The massage therapist holds onto the bars that are suspended from the ceiling, and uses one foot to massage your back, arms and legs. It’s more of a deep massage, yet it sure does get the kinks out! I find that the benefits from one barefoot massage is enough to last twice as long as other massages.
  1. Reflexology Massage
    This is a massage where reflexology points on the feet, hands and ears are held for about 30 seconds and/or massaged. When these points are stimulated, the result is improved functioning in the areas of the body such as glands and organs. You’ll feel stress relief and be amazed at how good you feel at the end of the session.
  1. Raindrop Therapy Massage
    Raindrop Therapy Massage is thought to be beneficial for the spine, so if your chronic pain is spine related, this type is perfect for you. The spine provides a connection to all body parts through spinal nerves. In this form of massage, different essential oils are sprinkled onto the soles of the feet and the back including Peppermint, Wintergreen, Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Marjoram, Cypress and Aroma Sietz. After the first essential oil is sprinkled, the body is massaged. The different essential oils are used in a specific order with time in between for your body to absorb them. Because of the essential oils, you will also receive an aromatherapy benefit.
  1. Chocolate Massage
    This is a massage where the lotion used has cocoa in it. The skin acts like a sponge and absorbs many substances, including food. And just think about it – you get the chance to dream about chocolate as the aroma comes into your nostrils. It’s heavenly.

Choose one of these and call around town to see who might be offering it! Get started. See what happens to your chronic pain.

Donna SchwontkowskiDonna Schwontkowski

Dr. Donna Schwontkowski is a retired chiropractor with two degrees in nutrition and a Master's in herbology. She is convinced that every illness can be improved significantly through diet and nutritional protocols.

Aug 25, 2014
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