Food for Pain Relief

Food for Pain Relief

18 Foods That Every Chronic Pain Sufferer Needs in Their Grocery Store Cart

When you have chronic pain, why not go to the grocery store and get foods that have the power to block pain and inflammation? Why not make a separate trip just for pain control? It’s a new concept – but one well worth finding out about!

The fact is that some foods will cause inflammation – and that ends up causing you more pain – and other foods will be able to decrease inflammation. Foods that decrease inflammation will end up causing you less pain.

What to Put in Your Grocery Cart

From the Produce Section:

Add one pineapple to your cart. Pineapple contains enzymes effective at decreasing inflammation and thus potentially decreasing pain.

Add two bunches of parsley to your grocery cart. Parsley can help eliminate the water weight your body has accumulated, which is called edema. Whenever there is edema, the tissues surrounding the area become so swollen with the water that they essentially become water-logged. It will hurt. Yet, parsley will kick start your kidneys and begin to release the edema in the body slowly but surely.

From the Fish Department:

Add wild salmon to your grocery cart. Salmon is high in omega 3 fats, which can block the production of inflammatory compounds in the body. These good fats are found in the fat of the fish.

From the Health Food Department:

Pick up an anti-inflammatory formula in the herbal section of the health food department of your grocery store. More and more grocery stores are reserving two to three aisles of their store for herbs in herbal formulas. The advantage of this is that if you know what it is that you want to accomplish, you can find a formula for it. There will be pain-relieving formulas as well as anti-inflammation formulas too on the shelves.


From the Spice Department:

Grab a bottle of red crushed pepper, cayenne pepper, and curcumin. Sprinkling these on your food is a good way to stop pain. The hot peppers may block pain via substance P in the body while the curcumin blocks pain through the decrease of inflammation in the body.

What Not to Eat

Now there’s one more thing you must know about shopping for food for pain relief, and that is that just as you can reduce pain, you can also create pain, too. Thus, keep these foods out of your cart:

  • potato chips
  • fried foods of all types
  • candy
  • cookies
  • foods you’re allergic to
  • processed meats
  • beverages with high fructose
  • high caffeine foods
  • high sugar foods
  • corn syrup

Try these suggestions. I know you’ll be amazed at how good you start to feel in one week.

Donna SchwontkowskiDonna Schwontkowski

Dr. Donna Schwontkowski is a retired chiropractor with two degrees in nutrition and a Master's in herbology. She is convinced that every illness can be improved significantly through diet and nutritional protocols.

Oct 21, 2014
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