How to Raise Chronic Pain Awareness

How to Raise Chronic Pain Awareness

The Importance of Chronic Pain Awareness

While chronic pain effects millions of people around the world, it is one of the least understood conditions because, while the patient may be feeling terrible, they typically look find on the outside. In addition, prior to a real understanding of chronic pain, it gained a stigma, mostly from those with addiction problems claiming to experience this issue, but simply hoping for a prescription for pain medication.

Even though chronic pain is more understood than ever before, there are still many grey areas, and awareness needs to take place. Luckily, there are several ways that you can contribute to raising awareness within your community and do your part in ending any stigma there is around the condition of chronic pain.

Why Raise Awareness of Chronic Pain?

You should consider raising awareness of chronic pain for many reasons. Increased chronic pain awareness can lead to many benefits, like:

  • Improving the understanding of the condition in loved ones and friends that are currently unaware.
  • Improving the understanding of chronic pain in people who have yet to receive the diagnosis or those recently diagnosed, which can aid in their ability to process and accept the news.
  • Improving the lives for people who currently have the diagnosis by reducing the stigma of the condition.
  • Adding funding for research to work towards more effective assessments and treatments.
  • Increasing the resources available to current chronic pain sufferers.

Increased awareness has many positive components that may help people with and without chronic pain.

How to Raise Chronic Pain Awareness

There are a few ways to help raise chronic pain awareness in your community. From Pain Awareness Month to just talking about it outside of your friends and loved ones. Below are some easy ways to raise chronic pain awareness today or any day of the year.

Pain Awareness Month

The easiest way you can raise awareness for chronic pain is by learning more about Pain Awareness Month and passing the information along to others.

Pain Awareness Month is held in September each year, and various organizations work together to raise awareness of pain to the public. Along with information on chronic pain, information is spread about pain management and the types of medications used to help control pain.

Educating the public on all of the areas involved in chronic pain and its management helps to create a better understanding among the public.

Talking About Chronic Pain to Others

Anytime during the year that you feel is a good time to create awareness on the issue, you can use the following steps to create awareness in your area.

  • Talk about the importance of understanding chronic pain with family and friends. They are most likely to listen to someone close to them and you can offer information on the truth behind chronic pain.
  • Look into informational sources and share this information on social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, and similar sites offer a great platform for sharing this type of information and helping create awareness among a large group of people.

Get Involved With the Community

The most effective way for you to help create awareness is to get involved. You can make a big difference by simply passing the information you have onto others. While September is Pain Awareness Month, the entire years offers the perfect time to do your part in creating awareness among your local area.

Many online organizations make it easy for towns members to create their own fundraiser, which could be another great way to get involved in creating awareness, while also encouraging others to take part in the event.

If you’re a student or part of a large organization, you can hand out flyers that contain information on chronic pain, which will help create awareness within larger groups of people, who can then pass that information onto others.


Doing your part in raising awareness for chronic pain is easy once you educate yourself. The more educated you are, the easier it will be to educate others on the topic and help spread the word on the facts surrounding this difficult condition. Remember, even the smallest ways of raising chronic pain awareness is beneficial for all of those living with chronic pain. Don’t stop talking about it!


American Chronic Pain Association (September is Pain Awareness Month)

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Jan 7, 2019
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