How Many Others Are Affected by Pain?


How Everyday Pain Affects Nearly Everyone

How others understand your pain will determine whether they support you, ignore you, or accuse you. With neuropathy or chronic pain, everyone who cares about you should support you. So, having a network of words that are related to the condition can help you illustrate what you’re going through. It also helps to provide a relatable feeling, such as “I have a burning sensation in my hand as if I just placed it on a stove” or “it feels like I’m walking on broken glass.” These phrases can help someone who is unsympathetic to your pain realize the pretty severe pain you’re going through. Both are something that you have each experienced and so can be imagined. One way to contextualize pain for others is to show them just how many different regions are associated with frequent pain.

Image: The Truth Hurts

NewLifeOutlook TeamNewLifeOutlook Team
Dec 20, 2013
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