What’s Happening in My Body with Peripheral Neuropathy?


What Parts of My Body Are Involved in Peripheral Neuropathy?

Although symptoms can vary with neuropathy, you’ll likely notice that your symptoms are worse during cold winter weather. Purchasing winter jackets that are loose will allow you to layer clothing to keep consistently warm when going outside. Be sure to also dress completely from head to toe. You should wear a hat, a scarf, suitable boots, and some form of a baselayer underneath your pants. Protecting your whole body from the elements will help to diminish the degree to which the weather will affect your symptoms. This is a consideration for older adults who may not live in weather that remains fairly consistent throughout the year. Be self-aware of your symptoms; if they’re worse during a certain time of year or depending on the weather, consider what would help to prevent that weather from having such a large effect.

Image: Nervous System

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Dec 20, 2013
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