Stages in the Chronic Pain Cycle


Is There a Cycle of Chronic Pain?

You may find that you’re in a consistent pattern of certain symptoms with chronic pain. You can use this to your advantage to help reduce the impact of the symptoms. If you know that you suffer depression at some point during your pain cycle, you can prepare for this by relying upon recommendations your doctor has given you. You might be advised to think positively about what you enjoy in your life, get into contact with someone in your support system who can help you through that stage as well. By anticipating and being proactive about the next cycle in your pain cycle, you can help yourself to get through it. Keeping a journal with dates and what you’re feeling can help you detect any patterns, which will likely to be helpful to your doctor or anyone in your support network.

Image: Chronic Pain Cycle

NewLifeOutlook TeamNewLifeOutlook Team
Dec 20, 2013
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