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Chronic Pain article: Common Sensations with Neuropathy - New Life Outlook | Chronic PainCommon Sensations with Neuropathy - New Life Outlook | Chronic Pain

Peripheral neuropathy and other forms of neuropathy cause a range of physical symptoms and sensations which can be severe or debilitating. The condition is most closely associated a type of pain that differs significantly from the pain you would experience if you suffered an acute injury.

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  • I have fibromyalgia and was in pain all the time. Tbe tingling in my feet and hands have improved. I drink B12 which helps. Do your research on B vitamins i did and thank God i found some kind of relief. Also my doctor told me as no medication worked for my pain to smoke marajuana a year ago and can say it has mypain controlled. I hope this helps some. I can honestly say my pain is controlled. The sensitivity to cold benedryl helps.. God Bless and good luck to all my fellow sufferers
  • how are the eyes affected?
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    I had a near death case of pneumonia almost 2 years ago. I had to have a chest tube put in my right side they my ribcage so that I wouldn't loose my lung. I was also cut under my right breast for further surgery. I survived but I'm addition to a weakened immune system I have severe nerve pain on my right side. If I cough,sneeze or breathe deeply I get a horrible pain that takes my breathe away. Doctor said it will be a side effect forever. Some people go numb and a low percent feel absolutely everything. I'm taking gabapentin 100mlg right now for the last year but noticing it's not as effective as I hoped. I just don't know what to do for relief. I guess it's the small price I'm paying for being alive. Still effects my quality of life. I've been getting dizzy spells and I walk into things. Like vertigo I read that could happen with the nerve damage and pain but never imagined.
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    Can neuralgia affect the neck

  • I've had Neuropathy pain since I got shingles in 2011, and have had the neuropathy pain in my right shoulder area right beside my breast . I take medicine(gabapentin) every 6 hours for the pain. I only got the shot after the Rash went away. The pain is still terrible some times. I go to the chiropractor regularly. I've done acupuncture for 7 months at $75.00 each time I went. 2-3 times a week. No help for the pain so I quit. I couldn't afford it anymore. I pray to God I never get them again and to please take the pain away. There is only 1 nerve that affects me but it is going on 7 years now, I just wish it would go away... please get your shot.. my sister and her husband both got the shot when I broke out. They paid $300.00 each. Thinking she was ok. Well a month ago she got the shingles. Now her pain and rash was pretty severe, and she still has the pain every now and again, but hers pretty much went away. Still please get your shots.. by the way my shingles started as back pain rolling from side to side. Not knowing it was related to shingles because I always have back pain.. the rash I got was all under the skin. Wish I could post a picture. It's there any other medicine that works better than Gabapentin?
  • @nellie Does taking walks help neuropathy pain in your feet,or make it worse
    nellie said:

    how are the eyes affected?

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