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  • This article is silly. I have suffered from Fibro for many years. The fact is the copious amounts of medication your doctor puts you on is more damaging to your vital organs weather you drink with them or not. I also know that people who suffer from Fibro have a tendency to regulate their intake of alcohol, because they are afraid of the body becoming to use to it and not working. I was on over 10 medications a day and my liver was failing. I had to stop all medications because of the damage they were doing to my body. I was in bed 4-5 days a week while on all the poison the doctors prescribed me. None of the medication ever took my pain away or made me more comfortable. I was told by my doctors that my only alternative was to switch to Marijuana or move to a warmer climate. I did move to a warmer climate, i did start using marijuana before bed, but i also have at least one drink a night with some Tylenol PMs. This regiment has been working. I have been off all other medications. I get out of bed every day. I won't say i am pain free, but it is tolerable. It's been 4 years and my liver is back to normal, i have less migraines, and am able to enjoy some of the things that i was unable to do for many years. I'm not saying that i have found a better way. I'm saying that all these studies are great, and i'm glad people are searching for things that can make this illness better, but to say alcohol is worse than what we are already being given is really stupid. Either way we are putting a toxin in our bodies, and i don't see alcohol being any worse than all the rest of the prescription drugs that are being shoveled into us.

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