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  • Debbie,
    The times we were are o chat on FB or the WR at LSG, I learned a lot from you. I could hear the Pain, in your voice as you talked. Yet, even though I heard Pain, I heard Courage and Faith over the Pain. We do need to know how to move past the grips that Pain uses to immobilize ua. And the techniques you shared, I believe have the ability to help almost everyone. The other one probably do not want help. (just kidding) Chronic Pain makes it DIFFICULT. Sadly some people, see and feel they do not compare to the Power of Chronic Pain. They give up on themselves and all those around them. If, they do this the ability to Love themselves, goes right the window. When a person has lost their hope, Joy evaporate so it is hard to find something to laugh at. Once Joy is thrown out, bitterness steps right in. All these things can cause hatred to any higher Power.
    But, you Debbie have found the way and the keys to unlock some of the chains Chronic Pain weighs us down. As you know, Loving yourself can be hard but the value is w/o measure. I do not laugh often but, when those around me do laugh I feel better. Debbie you are a Wonderful person and I am better for knowing you.

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