Four Ways to Make Life With Chronic Pain Easier

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Chronic Pain article: Four Ways to Make Life With Chronic Pain EasierFour Ways to Make Life With Chronic Pain Easier

Life with chronic pain is tough work. Chronic pain warrior Katarina Zulak discusses her top tips for living with chronic pain to make everyday life easier.

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  • JoyceJoyce Member
    I use the 3 A's-My own remedy. I have had fibromyalgia since the age of 25. I am now 61. This works for me may not work for everyone. No 1 A-Acceptance of your disease and the fact there is NO CURE. No 2 A-Attitude you have to change your attitude from feeling sorry for yourself to living with this disease and last but not least No 3 A-Adjustment of your life. This is very important for me because I am very bad about if I have A Good Day I will try to do everything I have been limited from and this is the wrong thing to do because you suffer for several days after. The hardest thing for me is the adjustment and learning to listen to my body. When it says that's enough then I have to learn "That's Enough". I am like the energize bunny I will go and go until my body just shuts down like a battery is dead. Then it is time to rest and take a nap which sometimes for me can be 4-5 hours long. That means to me Battery Recharge!!! Still working on that part!!!! Lol I hope this helps someone out there that suffers from Any Chronic Pain!!! It is hard to get there but if you work on it one day at a time maybe it will work for you!!!


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