Sabotaging Yourself When You Have Chronic Pain

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Chronic Pain article: Sabotaging Yourself When You Have Chronic PainSabotaging Yourself When You Have Chronic Pain

With chronic pain, it's possible you are sabotaging yourself by taking on too much or doing an activity (or several) that you know will trigger pain.

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  • OMG I have been in severe pain for weeks, Chronic pain back pain, nerve pain sleep deprived and not coping well going to get acupuncture treatment today for back pain, I am not able to take pain meds because I have
    I am an addict. Looks like Lyrica would be risky to use, I had a heart attack last May I have a stent. RA and I am a diabetic. I exercise and try to stay as active as I am able. I am getting so tired due to lack of sleep and rest, I am never comfortable.

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