Enjoying the Holidays Despite Pain

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Chronic Pain article: Enjoying the Holidays Despite PainEnjoying the Holidays Despite Pain

Coping with chronic pain during the holiday season can be difficult. These tips can help get you through!

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  • Great story, thanks.
    I wish I had at least one person still alive in my life to support and help me. I'm recently widowed, have RSD/ CRPS-1 , PTSD too. I wish I had a reason to keep living, but I've had to bury children, 2 spouses, both parents, my Nephew, & 2 siblings within the last 7 years, back to back traumas. My utilities will be shut off in the next few days. I'm $425.00 behind in rent. Living on $850./month with $1400.00 in monthly expenses. I've exhausted all options for help. I just can't get out of this Hell I'm in.
    Sorry for the negative post, however you're right, there are people who are worse off, and alone.
    I hope you have a good Holiday season.
    -Diana Guest
    Nov. 18, 2016
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @Angel_Puppy12 Hi Diana - thank you for reaching out to us. I want you to know that despite everything you've gone through, you are not alone in this. Where are you located? Have you tried talking to a therapist?


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