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Raising Awareness for Chronic Pain: What You Can Do to Raise Awareness

Raising Chronic Pain Awareness

While chronic pain effects millions of people around the world, it is one of the least understood conditions because, while the patient may be feeling terrible, they typically look find on the outside. In addition, prior to real understanding about chronic pain, it gained a stigma, mostly from those with addiction problems claiming to experience this issue, but simply hoping for a prescription for pain medication. Even though chronic pain is more understood than ever before,...

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Chronic Pain and Addiction

How Are Chronic Pain and Addiction Connected?

Chronic pain and addiction are often linked. When people are in pain, they look to substances to feel better, but it has negative consequences long-term.
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Chronic Pain and Narcissism

Chronic Pain and Narcissism

The narcissism that a chronic pain sufferer experiences is not the result of an obsession with the attention that is constantly on them, like a celebrity.
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Chronic Pain and Suicide

Chronic Pain and Suicide

The relationship between chronic pain and suicide is very real, as pain often leads to depression, which can lead to thoughts of suicide if untreated.
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